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Summer Beer Festival 2015

Welcome to the website of the Campaign for Real Ale in Jersey.

The Campaign for Real Ale (or CAMRA as it is best known) is an independent, voluntary, consumer organisation. Membership is open to all individuals, but corporate entities such as breweries and pubs cannot be members. CAMRA is governed by a voluntary unpaid national executive, elected by the membership. There are a dedicated core of employed staff at head office responsible for central campaigning, research, administration of membership, sales and so forth.

It is no exaggeration to say that CAMRA played a very important role in saving real ale in the U.K. and as a result saved many independent breweries. No new ale breweries were set up in the UK for the fifty years before CAMRA was founded. There are now countless brewers producing real ale, part of a massive real ale revival.

Our membership has increased to an all-time high but our work is far from done. There are a plethora of small craft breweries, but for various reasons many struggle to survive and many large independent breweries remain under threat.

Please click here for further information on how to join CAMRA and help make a difference.

CAMRA as an organisation is split into geographical regions and then further split into smaller branches. The Jersey Branch of CAMRA is part of the Wessex and Channel Islands region.

As a branch we run the highly successful Jersey Beer and Cider Festival which is held every autumn on People's Park in St Helier. Please see the Festival Pages for further details of our festival, including help on getting here!

We have also introduced the Jersey Winter Beer Festival, which last year was held at the St James Centre in St Helier. Again, see the beer festival pages for details.

As a branch, we also run many other events. We also have a duty at a local level to uphold the ideals of CAMRA and campaign to ensure that the people of Jersey and those visiting the island can enjoy Jersey's pub heritage.

Often forgotten is that CAMRA also has charged itself with protecting another of Britains unique features and that is real cider.